Project Proposal

Prepared for The Stitching Corner

👋🏻 Hey Jessica!

thanks for your consideration to work with me!

You can consider your website to be the "storefront" for your business online, and doing the work to make your website reflect your brand and your business can be daunting sometimes.

Email marketing might be one of your favorite ways to communicate with your audience...or maybe it's not.

​Regardless if you love or loathe technology, you're already making an effort to improve your efforts, so go you!

​I'm so grateful that you're considering having me along for the ride to guide you and cheer you on along the way.

The goal of this proposal is to make sure our values align and that you’ll be satisfied with the work we’ve done together.

Jessica's Challenges

Based on our call, you'd like to level up your business game by:

• Improve conversion rate on website

• Researching and selecting a theme that works with your business

• Optimize the product detail page for customer clarity

• Create an intuitive browsing/shopping experience

• Prioritize email marketing to cultivate your growing relationship with customers

Ready to level up in your business?

I like to think of projects with clients are more like an adventure.

On this adventure, we tap into your expertise as a business owner, creative spirit, and empathetic human being. I'll serve as your "helpfun"* guide through all the tech, best practices, and industry stuff, not only setting things up for you, but teaching you how to use the tech in the method you learn best.

My goal for you:
is to feel confident and excited to send people to your website, and to give you the tools and tutorials for you to be able to adjust your content or your strategy down the road.

*Fun Fact:

a client sent me a review after working together, describing me as "helpfun." It was initially a typo, but the client opted to keep it in because they felt it described their experience when working with me.

Adventure Awaits!

aka what to expect when working with me

Ecommerce Arcade was founded to not only level-up the experiences of business owners like you, but also to utilize my own decade-long experience as a creative product-based business owner. That's why I tend to work differently than other agencies or freelancers. Here's what you can expect when working together with me:


I'm a huge believer in creating safe and supportive spaces for learning and collaboration.

You're a creative person, too, and I want to make sure we are honoring your creativity in a way that works beautifully with industry standards.

However, if there are things that I don't recommend based on best practices, I'll be sure to not only tell you the what, but also the why.


I love teaching folks that they are capable of harnessing the very tech that may have frustrated them in the past.

When working together, please know there is no such thing as a stupid question, and there is no shame in asking the same question multiple times.

Everyone learns differently, and you'll receive tutorials that cater to your own style of learning (i.e., video, written, captions on video, etc.).


AKA getting stuff done! Doing the work! Rolling up our sleeves--you name it.

Many clients I work with are capable of getting their website set up and launched, but they are already carrying a lot in their businesses.

You already know how important a website is for your business, and I'm happy to lighten your load and get this project across the finish line with you.

Jessica, here's how we'll roll

While we'll be working together to build and launch your project, here's what you need to know about the experience:


You'll be invited to your own private Project Hub in Taskade, and you'll receive content requests and preferences forms via Content Snare- and you'll be provided tutorials walking you through getting set up and how to use each tool. 


You'll be providing all the content, assets, information, and preferences for your project, and you'll have tutorials guiding you along the way in your Taskade project. 

If you have a question or get stuck or need clarity, you'll be able to message me one on one through Taskade. You'll receive a quicker response than email!

I'll be checking in with you periodically to help support you while you complete the assignments in your Taskade project. 


Your project completion timeline will be dependent on how quickly and thoroughly you complete the required assignments in your project. 

Typically it takes clients anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to complete their assigments, so be sure to schedule time for yourself to work on this. You'll have tutorials and guidance the entire way through your assignments, and if you get stuck or have questions, you'll be able to message me through Taskade for quick answers. 

Once your assignments are done, I'll roll up my sleeves and get to work. You'll even be able to set a response cadence that will work with your current bandwidth- this can affect your eventual launch date, but I like to give clients the option to go quicker or slower so they can ensure they've got enough time to not only respond to updates from me, but also so, you know, they can live their lives and run their businesses.

The majority of projects that end up delayed or paused are waiting on content or information from clients. This is why I request content and preferences are submitted first- once I have all the information I need, I can complete your project so much quicker! 

If you're worried you might not have a moment to adjust any information before launch, fret not-- there's a plan for that:

💌 Klaviyo Email Marketing

• We'll kick things off with a Zoom planning call, where we'll cover your goals, homework, and a tour of your new Klaviyo account

• You'll submit your brand identity assets (logo, colors, etc.)

• You'll have some homework to submit your preferences for content, design, and settings

• I'll design a robust Klaviyo email template that you'll be able to use by mixing and matching sections and blocks

• We'll work on copywriting based on your Scope of Work

• I'll design a popup based on your preferences and configure the settings based on current best practices

• I'll build out your Flows (aka automations) framework for the emails included in your Scope of Work

• I'll configure coupons, product feeds, and preference pages

• I'll design and incorporate your content into your Flow emails and hand them off for your review with handy video tutorials

• We'll schedule a chat to cover your Klaviyo Flows and adjust them based on your feedback

• I'll set up customized segments just for you

• You'll receive tutorials on segments, campaigns, and more

• You'll also receive a customized sending strategy document and 1 month of campaign ideas tailored to your business

• We'll hop on Zoom and migrate your list from your previous provider (if applicable), and launch your Flows!

• We'll chat about your customized warmup strategy so you're set up for a healthy sender reputation

• We'll set up your first campaign together and guide you through the warmup process

• You'll get 30 days of post-launch support where we'll watch your campaigns and Flows like a hawk

• Once your support phase concludes we'll either wrap up your project or (if available) you can opt into a continuing support retainer package

🖥 Shopify Website

• We'll kick things off with a Zoom call where we'll chat about your business goals, website challenges and wishlist

• If you have an existing website, we'll take a peek at your traffic and analytics so we can make data-driven decisions

• You'll submit preferences and content via tasks that are segmented into manageable chunks

• We'll go theme shopping! You'll get to peruse a handful of themes I select and choose the one that fits your goals and your budget (theme prices range from free to $500 - all are one-time fees)

• We'll kick off this phase with a planning call, where we'll also walk through your Shopify admin (if needed)

• We'll draft your website framework based on your Scope of Work

• I'll design and configure your website tailored to your brand identity and current best practices

• We'll cover how to create product and category listings, and you'll get cracking on adding your product assortment (if needed)

• We'll kick off this phase with a Zoom screenshare call, aka a Shopify theme customizer tour. I'll hand over the controls and let you drive so you'll feel confident and familiar with your website and how to make changes

• We'll get into the nitty gritty with setting up your shipping, payment, and taxes settings based on your preferences (if needed)

• We'll integrate apps based on best practices and your Scope of Work

• We'll set up and configure additional sales channels (POS, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) based on your Scope of Work

• We'll make any last-minute adjustments in our pre-launch checklist

• Then it'll be time to thoroughly test your website! You'll get some time to test out your site and a handy checklist to guide you along and help us find any areas where additional tutorials or guides are needed to set you up for success

• Woohoo, the day is finally here! We'll schedule a launch day call, where you'll get to launch your beautiful new theme!

• We'll celebrate and switch gears to your support phase

• You'll get 30 days of post-launch support OR 3 30-minute support calls over the course of three months

• Once your support phase concludes we'll either wrap up your project or (if available) you can opt into a continuing support retainer package

"What do you want me to do?" you might ask

We can't call this a creative collaboration without the best part: you! To make this project reflect your business and goals, there will be some homework involved. Don't worry, there will be tutorials and prompts guiding you through this process- no blank screens here:

• Welcome Survey

• Business Details Survey

• Ideal Customer Exercise

• The Heart of Your Business Questionnaire

• Setup or access to your Google Analytics account

• Online Store Preferences

• Image Optimization Tutorial

• Brand Identity Assets

• Typography Preferences

• Product Categories Survey

• Product Spreadsheet

• Product Photography

• Hero/Lifestyle Photography

• About Page Photography

• Home Page Copywriting

• About Page Copywriting

• Shipping Details Survey

• Payment Preferences Survey

• Taxes Information

• Policies Preferences

• App Preferences

• Email Marketing Questionnaire

• Template Design Preferences

• Popup Preferences

• Lead Magnet Preferences

• Email Copywriting or answer Copywriting Prompts

• Review tutorials

• Review + adjust Klaviyo Flow emails

• Warmup of your new Klaviyo account

• Sending campaigns

"Holly was great to work with. She was always very responsive whenever I had a question. Holly’s creativity was a blessing in my project. She really understands how to bring a vision to an actual working website that is both functional and beautiful! I would 100% recommend Holly she is a great teacher and collaborator!"

--Melissa Bracken

New arrivals

Scope of Work - Klaviyo Email

Here's a detailed breakdown of what we'll be accomplishing together:

• Private project managment platform access for questions and quick communication

• Klaviyo account setup

• Shopify integration with Klaviyo

• Template design

• Copywriting support

• Setup of basic automations, including: Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart Series, and Browse Abandonment

• Migration of current subscribers and data from current platform, including engagement data

• Setup of basic segments

• Setup of customized segments, including warmup period campaign segments

• Segments tutorial

• Sending Strategy Guide for 1 month of email campaigns

• Product data feed setup

• Popup design and integration

• Preference page customization and Signup page customization

• Zoom screenshare calls walking you through your Klaviyo account, customized template, etc.

• Video tutorials covering your Klaviyo template and automated Flows (or in the method you learn best)

• Deliverability Watchdog period of 1 month to ensure you maintain your sender reputation

• 30 days post-launch support

• Option to enroll in continuing support retainer package

Scope of Work - Shopify Website

• Google Analytics setup with Enhanced Ecommerce enabled

• Source a variety of Shopify themes based on your goals for the website and for optimization purposes

• Implement selected Shopify theme for the site (the theme you select will either be added to the project invoice or you can opt to pay for it yourself).

• Preorder badge/capability (either via theme or via an app)

• Preorder Product Detail Page template

• Integration of brand identity throughout Shopify theme- this includes logo, typography, colors, etc.

• Craft an intelligent and effective information and content architecture

• Draft custom navigation/menus with conversion rate optimization in mind

• Home Page setup, including sections, reviews, and Instagram app integration

• Collection Page customization, including setup of up to five different collection page templates

• Collection page description writing/guidance (this helps with SEO)

• Setup and integration of metafields

• Setup and integration of filtering on Collection pages

• Product Page customization, including setup of up to five different product page templates

• Tutorial of alt text for product images (accessibility and SEO)

• Integration of product reviews app

• Migration of product reviews from other platforms

• Integration of Instagram feed app

• Integration of Design Packs app (SOW includes this app with a one-time price!)

• Integration of Bundles app

• Integration of app for Square data reconciliation

• Social media integration

• Setup of up to 5 information pages (About, Contact, FAQ, Brick and Mortar page, etc.)

• Store checkout customization

• Option to opt into terms management via Termageddon, guidance on boilerplate Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, returns/shipping pages, GDPR, and CCPA

• Shipping rate setup guidance

• Regular status updates based on your selected cadence

• 1 hour Zoom screenshare (recorded) walking you through your Shopify admin account (if needed)

• 1 hour Zoom screenshare (recorded) walking you though your Shopify theme customizer

• Video tutorials covering: 

- Google Analytics
- Image optimization
- Photography
- Product categories
- Product setup
- Guidance on Hero photography, About Page photography
- Guidance on Home Page copywriting, About page copywriting
- Payment preferences and tax resources
- Shipping setup and strategy

• Launch and domain support

• 30 days of post-launch support OR 3 30-minute support calls over the course of three months

• Option to enroll in continuing support retainer package


This is what I'll be making and delivering to you at the end of this project

In exchange for payment of the price outlined below, I will create and deliver the following items:

Customized, branded Klaviyo template
- 1 Main Template, 1 Simple Template
- See Scope of Work for specific line items
Customized, branded popup design
Construction and optimization of Klaviyo Automations
- See Scope of Work for specific line items
Segments tailored to your brand and needs
Tutorials and Guides
- See Scope of Work for specific line items

Shopify account setup and optimization
• 1 customized and optimized Shopify theme for The Stitching Corner

Tutorials and Guides
See Scope of Work for specific tutorial line items

New arrivals

Development Caveat

The theme setup for the site will be using a pre-coded Shopify theme and customizing it as much as possible to match your brand identity.

A thorough mobile review is included, and the theme will be set up and customized for an optimal experience, no matter the device screen size.

Keep in mind that Holly is not a developer and is knowledgeable of only a little bit of HTML and JavaScript. There may be some features or requests where a developer would need to be hired to implement; this is usually on a case-by-case basis. If the case of hiring a developer is desired, it will be discussed with you first, and the tasks involved to set up this workflow may occur post-launch. This work will be billed hourly and would be outside the scope of work and project invoicing totals.

Packages + Pricing

Shopify Website

Website analysis, Shopify theme curation, theme setup, design, customization, optimization, development, tutorials, and everything in the above Scope of Work unless specified.


Website Copywriting (recommended add-on)

Add copywriting to your scope of work and I will take care of writing the copy for your Home Page, About Page, up to five Collection pages, and up to five Product descriptions.


The Whole (Email) Enchilada

Comprehensive email template design, four automation builds and implementation, customized segments, popup design, signup form design, account warmup assistance, campaign support and coaching for 30 days, and everything in the Klaviyo section of the Scope of Work


Email Automation Copywriting (recommended add-on)

Add copywriting to your Klaviyo scope of work and I'll take care of writing your Welcome Series (5-7 emails), Browse Abandonment (1 email), Abandoned Cart (2 emails), and Customer Thank You automated emails (3 emails).


3-Month Email Campaign Package (optional add-on)

Campaign guidance, strategy, analysis, and hands-on management of your email campaigns for three months. Package includes weekly email campaigns and review of analytics.


Retainer-Style Flex Package

This package offers flexibility with your project and your budget. We'll start with a 3-month retainer of 5 hours each month. If we'd like to keep the party going, we'll add another three months. The price is what you'd pay each month.

min of 3 months

Ready to rock & roll?

⚡️ Take your time to review the proposed scope of work, timeline, and project package options

⚡️ If everything looks good, select the options and add-ons below, then sign this proposal below by typing your name and clicking "Submit.".

⚡️ Once you sign this proposal, you'll be sent a project agreement and invoice. Upon completion of your agreement and invoice, you'll receive an email containing info on getting access to the tools we'll use throughout this project.

Questions? Let me know!


Authorization to Proceed

If all of this looks good to you, let's formalize this agreement

Your commitment to this project will be directly reflected in the results. By hiring Holly you've enlisted my expertise at how best to accomplish the goals that you and I have defined. In order to accomplish those goals I require your participation and cooperation -- even if you don't fully understand some of the elements of that participation (which I'll work hard to make clear). 

If you'd like to make changes or something isn't right, please let me know

I value your time and budget and I'm a fan of getting everything on paper (with i's dotted and t's crossed!). If I've missed anything or something isn't right, please email me at

Email address you'd like to use for this project (this address will be used for sending invitations to your project tools, etc.):