Project Proposal

Prepared for Meighan

👋🏻 Hey Meighan!

thanks for your consideration to work with me!

Your brand identity has the ability to be the perfect bridge between your business and your target customer.

A brand identity design that aligns with the values, goals, and mission of your business makes it easy for your target customer know that you might have what they want or need.

​I'm so grateful that you're considering having me along for the ride to guide you and cheer you on along the way.

The goal of this proposal is to make sure our values align and that you’ll be satisfied with the work we’ve done together.

Meighan's Challenges

Based on our brief chat, you'd like to level up your business game by:

• Establishing a cohesive brand identity

• Having a brand guide to refer to when creating or writing

• Establishing a color palette that incorporates your favorite existing colors

• Having branded assets for your Substack that are memorable and cohesive

Ready to level up in your business?

I like to think of projects with clients are more like an adventure.

On this adventure, we tap into your expertise as a business owner, creative spirit, and empathetic human being. I'll serve as your "helpfun"* guide through all the tech, best practices, and industry stuff, not only setting things up for you, but teaching you how to use the tech in the method you learn best.

My goal for you:
is to feel confident and excited to send people to your website, and to give you the tools and tutorials for you to be able to adjust your content or your strategy down the road.

*Fun Fact:

a client sent me a review after working together, describing me as "helpfun." It was initially a typo, but the client opted to keep it in because they felt it described their experience when working with me.

Adventure Awaits!

aka what to expect when working with me

Ecommerce Arcade was founded to not only level-up the experiences of business owners like you, but also to utilize my own decade-long experience as a creative product-based business owner. That's why I tend to work differently than other agencies or freelancers. Here's what you can expect when working together with me:


I'm a huge believer in creating safe and supportive spaces for learning and collaboration.

You're a creative person, too, and I want to make sure we are honoring your creativity in a way that works beautifully with industry standards.

However, if there are things that I don't recommend based on best practices, I'll be sure to not only tell you the what, but also the why.


I love teaching folks that they are capable of harnessing the very tech that may have frustrated them in the past.

When working together, please know there is no such thing as a stupid question, and there is no shame in asking the same question multiple times.

Everyone learns differently, and you'll receive tutorials that cater to your own style of learning (i.e., video, written, captions on video, etc.).


AKA getting stuff done! Doing the work! Rolling up our sleeves--you name it.

Many clients I work with are capable of getting their website set up and launched, but they are already carrying a lot in their businesses.

You already know how important a website is for your business, and I'm happy to lighten your load and get this project across the finish line with you.

Meighan, here's how we'll roll

While we'll be working together to build and launch your project, here's what you need to know about the experience:


You'll be invited to your own private Project Hub in Taskade, and you'll receive content requests and preferences forms via Content Snare- and you'll be provided tutorials walking you through getting set up and how to use each tool. 


You'll be providing all the content, assets, information, and preferences for your project, and you'll have tutorials guiding you along the way in your Taskade project. 

If you have a question or get stuck or need clarity, you'll be able to message me one on one through Taskade. You'll receive a quicker response than email!

I'll be checking in with you periodically to help support you while you complete the assignments in your Taskade project. 


Your project completion timeline will be dependent on how quickly and thoroughly you complete the required assignments in your project. 

Typically it takes clients anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to complete their assigments, so be sure to schedule time for yourself to work on this. You'll have tutorials and guidance the entire way through your assignments, and if you get stuck or have questions, you'll be able to message me through Taskade for quick answers. 

Once your assignments are done, I'll roll up my sleeves and get to work. You'll even be able to set a response cadence that will work with your current bandwidth- this can affect your eventual launch date, but I like to give clients the option to go quicker or slower so they can ensure they've got enough time to not only respond to updates from me, but also so, you know, they can live their lives and run their businesses.

The majority of projects that end up delayed or paused are waiting on content or information from clients. This is why I request content and preferences are submitted first- once I have all the information I need, I can complete your project so much quicker! 

If you're worried you might not have a moment to adjust any information before launch, fret not-- there's a plan for that:

🎨 Brand Identity Design

• We'll kick things off with a Zoom call where we'll chat about your business goals, values, and mission

• You'll get access to your own private moodboard to add any and all things that inspire you for your brand

• You'll have some homework to complete about your ideal target customer

• Based on the approved Scope of Work, we'll finalize the specific collateral you need for your business (i.e., business card, postcard, and sticker design)

• I'll begin sketching design options based on your moodboard, ideal customer, and your goals

• From there, I'll design an initial logo concept in black and white

• You'll get three rounds of revision and will have time to review and think before submitting feedback

• Once the logo is finalized, we'll establish your color palette together, in addition to your typography

• Then I'll craft additional logos, graphics, patterns, etc., as per your approved Scope of Work

• We'll put the pieces together here and design collateral for your business as per your Scope of Work

• You'll get three rounds of revision and will have time to review and think before submitting feedback

• Once all items have been finalized, you'll receive all the files for your deliverables (detailed below)

• I'll cross-reference your Scope of Work to make sure no stragglers are left behind

• Your branding files will be all packaged up nice and neat for you to immediately use (if only files could have a bow tied around them!)

• You'll receive your files in your own private Google Drive folder to download

• We'll wrap up your project with a handoff call so you can ask questions

"What do you want me to do?" you might ask

We can't call this a creative collaboration without the best part: you! To make this project reflect your business and goals, there will be some homework involved. Don't worry, there will be tutorials and prompts guiding you through this process- no blank screens here:

• Welcome Survey

• Business Details Survey

• Ideal Customer Exercise

• The Heart of Your Business Questionnaire

• Brand Design Questionnaire

• Submit content for brand collateral

"Holly is incredible and so inspiring. She's got that magic combo of creative prowess and industry expertise that can help take a business to the next level."

--Tiffany James


Scope of Work - Brand Identity Design

Here's a detailed breakdown of what we'll be accomplishing together:

• Private project managment platform access for questions and quick communication

• Logo design, which includes:
- File produced for print and web use, in color and B/W formats (if applicable) and be delivered in a scalable vector format
- Release of all logo rights to you for full use

• Brand identity design, which includes:
- Secondary logo design
- Brand mark design
- Brand style guide
- Color palette
- Branding graphics, patterns, and/or illustrations (maximum of three illustrations)
- Typography curation and selection

• Brand Collateral Design, which includes:
- Substack asset design (avatar, Welcome Page banner, main banner logo)
Note: More collateral pieces can be added to scope and will need an additional or revised quote or can be selected as an add-on below.


This is what I'll be making and delivering to you at the end of this project

In exchange for payment of the price outlined below, I will create and deliver the following items:

Vectorized logo design files for web and print use, which includes:
- Primary logo files
- Secondary, alternate logo files
- Each design will be delivered as:
- JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF file formats
- Full color, greyscale files
- Files in both RGB and CMYK color
Brand Identity Style Guide PDF
Typography Guide
Color Palette Translation Guide
- Includes Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and Hex Codes
Brand graphics, patterns, and/or illustration files
- Files will be delivered based on intended application in the optimal color space and file format
Branded assets for Substack
- Avatar, Welcome Banner, logo banner

Packages + Pricing

Big, Beautiful Branding Bundle

Target customer discovery, brand story, Logo design and brand identity design, and everything in the above Scope of Work and Deliverables

(Trade: 3-Month Strategy + $1500)

Brisk Branding Boost

Secondary logo or brand mark to complement your existing logo, color palette creation and translation, design of 2-3 collateral pieces (aka Substack assets).

(Trade: 3-Month Strategy)

More Branded Collateral (optional add-on)

Add 3 more pieces of branded collateral (simple packaging, postcards, etc.) to your Scope of Work.


Custom Illustrated Icons (optional add-on)

3-5 Custom illustrated icons to use on your website or marketing materials.


Ready to rock & roll?

⚡️ Take your time to review the proposed scope of work, timeline, and project package options

⚡️ If everything looks good, select the options and add-ons below, then sign this proposal below by typing your name and clicking "Submit.".

⚡️ Once you sign this proposal, you'll be sent a project agreement and invoice. Upon completion of your agreement and invoice, you'll receive an email containing info on getting access to the tools we'll use throughout this project.

Questions? Let me know!


Authorization to Proceed

If all of this looks good to you, let's formalize this agreement

Your commitment to this project will be directly reflected in the results. By hiring Holly you've enlisted my expertise at how best to accomplish the goals that you and I have defined. In order to accomplish those goals I require your participation and cooperation -- even if you don't fully understand some of the elements of that participation (which I'll work hard to make clear). 

If you'd like to make changes or something isn't right, please let me know

I value your time and budget and I'm a fan of getting everything on paper (with i's dotted and t's crossed!). If I've missed anything or something isn't right, please email me at

Email address you'd like to use for this project (this address will be used for sending invitations to your project tools, etc.):