What do you do when you change up pretty much everything in your business- where and how you sell, what you sell, and the overall vibe?

You pivot everything else.

In this brand identity design case study, you'll see the Ecommerce Arcade approach to designing a brand identity that brings a decade of entrepreneurship and sprinkles in some childlike wonder and nostalgia.

I used to run a handmade business under the name Marshmueller. I designed and sewed accessories for babies, kids, and grown-ups, too. It was a mashup of my married and maiden names, and I had lived under this identity for over a decade.

handmade holiday sale graphic with a sushi burp cloth and my old logo in a pixelated font

But when I realized that I was burned out from that facet of running a business, and wanted to pivot to draw silly illustrations and put them on products, the business name and brand no longer fit.

So what do you do when you're a brand designer and an illustrator?

You DIY it!


I wanted to keep the business name close to Marshmueller, but something that was MUCH easier to say/spell/type (hindsight lesson, big time).

Since there's always been a cute/cartoony element to my illustration, the business name change was far easier than I thought it would be.

I drew inspiration from Malibu Barbie (this was over a year before the Barbie movie came out!), kawaii style, pastel aesthetic, and...Lucky Charms.

mockup of moodboard

Sometimes the Brand Actually is You

Most of the time when I work with clients to design a new brand identity, we dive deep into their target customer.

Only I didn't truly know who my target customer was, especially when pivoting to a product line that wasn't a natural step from what I made before.

But then I remembered something that I tell clients or students when I'm teaching:

People can buy what you sell at a big box store. But they don't. They buy from YOU.
The key difference is you.

So I used that as a driving factor when creating my brand identity.

I wanted a fun, squishy, inner-child vibe with a dash of sweetness and nostalgia.

Word Mark

When creating my brand mark, I looked at my handwriting.

Granted, my handwriting CAN be this nice and neat, but it takes me longer than if I just wrote using my mix of cursive and printing.

Once I crafted the vibe of the word mark, everything just fell into place beautifully.

Word Mark design

Primary Logo

Logo Variations

I opted to create a variety of logo styles for my brand- one thing about Marshmueller that was tough was that it was a word on the longer side. I did split it in some logo treatments so it would work when needing to fit in a square or a circle.

Of course then I go and choose an even LONGER business name. Woof.

But knowing this at the get go allowed me to create a number of treatments and having this variety has given me a lot of creative (yet consistent) freedom.

Brand Seal

I designed the brand seal to be able to use any of the marshmallow illustrations I created, and I've already consistently used two different marshmallows (currently the heart marshmallow and the cat marshmallow, ha!).

Color Palette

The color palette was tricky but fun to pull together- it might look like I have a GAZILLION colors in this brand identity, but really they're hues and shades of the main color.

I like having lighter and darker colors available in a color palette to make sure I've got enough contrast and not limiting myself into a color corner, especially when it comes to website design.


Typography was super fun to select- I wanted a strong yet playful vibe, so Bobby Jones Reg and Outline became my main heading fonts, with Sunshine Daisies Condensed as a different yet also strong and playful subheading font.

I couldn't go with another strong typeface for the body text, so Aventra Extra Light became a way to dial things back a bit.

Illustrations + Patterns

I drew a ton of marshmallow illustrations representing an homage to Lucky Charms, that Malibu Barbie lifestyle, and my nerd tendencies.

There's a few illustrations that I've found I don't use super often, but I make use of the main ones often.

Of course, a tossed marshmallow pattern had to happen. I also wanted a pattern that gives off that vintage school ephemera vibe, so the grid pattern worked for this (and so did my color palette, which I leveraged those hues and shades of each color heavily in each of these patterns).


Patterns - Mallows

Patterns - Grid

Order Postcard

Almost a year later I created an updated pattern with (not) all the mallow designs squished and stacked over one another, and I've used that in my collateral design.

Once I was finished with the brand identity design, I added collateral design to my todo list...but then didn't actually design anything until almost a year later!

But during that time I had been gathering inspiration from cute packaging, so that is what inspired my hand-illustrated business card and order postcard "packaging" look.

Business card design

Shopping bag design

Rubber stamp design

Tissue paper design

Stationery design

Move Slow and Tweak Things

Closing one business due to burnout and designing a brand identity for a new/different venture at the same time worked out well for me, as I didn't have to do a ton of work to close one down, go dormant, and then launch the next thing.

I actually showed off my brand identity online many months before I officially switched my site's branding and name over.

I wanted to give folks enough time to get used to the new biz/name/me, and it allowed me space to sit with these changes, to play with the brand identity and what it looks like on packaging, etc.

Designing brand identities is actually one of my favorite ways to use my design skills, but I tend to take longer than most. I like to immerse myself fully into a business, its offers/products, and its target customer, etc. Sometimes the concepts come right away and fall into place easily. Other times it takes a little more digging.

But in the end, having a brand identity that reflects your business, what you do, and who YOU are makes doing everything in your business truly fun.