Combination Projects


Wanna explore making a mix tape of your own?

Whether you need a guide to help you with branding, a website, setting up your email marketing, or a combination of sorts, you're in the right place.

Combo Projects

I love working with clients to help them weave their magic throughout many facets of their business. First, I'm grateful you're thinking of working with me on a combination project.

Second,here's how this works:

Fill out the Form

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Get to Know You form so I can get an idea of your goals, your challenges, and get familiar with you and your business.

Book a Chat

Then you'll book a call with me and we'll chat about what we could work on together, and discuss timeline, budget, and bandwidth.

Review Proposal

If both of us feel good about moving forward, you'll get a customized proposal with a detailed breakdown of all things about your project.


Combination Projects

see some of the latest launches:

Home Page mockup of the Paper Hearts Market website on a hand painted striped background

Mockup image of Paper Hearts Market Subcollection page on a pink desktop computer with a bird decor piece on a wooden desktop with a white retro chair in the foreground

Paper Hearts Market

A new brand identity and Shopify website was the perfect combo for this burgeoning creative business and potential brick and mortar store.

The Posh Olive

A new website was crucial, but email ended up being the surprise darling in the success of this project.

Project Process

First: Branding

A strong brand identity usually paves the way for a smoother ride the rest of the way. Plus, by solidifying branding first, it means we don't have to go back and touch anything more than once.

Next: Website

Then we get to apply that amazing new branding to a customized Shopify website that you'll know how to update and can't wait to show off.

Last(ish): Email

Typically I launch a new Shopify website and new Klaviyo emails at the same time, but Klaviyo requires less development, so it starts after a website project kicks off.

You might be wondering...

It depends! I know, not helpful. :) Most of my projects start at $5k, but depending on your current situation, we can narrow the scope of work and save you some bucks. If you've got the bandwidth and the budget for all the bell, whistles, and doohickeys, we'll scope your project package accordingly.

Absolutely! I accept payment plans with no additional fees.

Each scope of work is customized to each project based on a client's needs for their business. If we end up being a good fit, you'll receive a detailed proposal with your scope of work mapped out.

The timeline for projects varies, as I take into account my project load, season of life, as well as your own seasons and capacity into account. Humans gotta human and life happens, right?? While my superpower is keeping the dream (aka your project) alive and progressing, I'm also not going to be a hardass if you need a bit more time on an assignment.

Love it or hate it, there will be some homework. But your assignments have been carefully broken down into bite-size chunks, so if you have 5 minutes while at kiddo school pickup, you can chip away at it. You'll get tutorials to keep and prompts to guide you along the way.