Designer and lettering artist Natalie Pariano was regularly marketing her business and products to her audience, but she was using a platform that didn't tell her where her efforts were making her money. She needed an email and SMS platform that could convey the data she needed, AND make her emails pretty.

In this email case study, you'll see the Ecommerce Arcade approach to designing a Klaviyo template and automations and more that was both pretty and practical.

Natalie Pariano of NatterDoodle didn't need coaxing to market her business, which is the opposite of what I usually end up doing with many creative clients. Her business was at the stage where she was regularly marketing her business, but it was tough to tell if those efforts were actually making her money.

We chatted for a hot second at Craftcation, and then we connected after the magical conference dust settled and got to work.


(but lack of data)

Natalie was using an ESP that attracts a lot of creatives like beautiful moths to a wood-burning kit flame, and for good reason: it's known for making email campaigns...well, a bit more pretty.

Which is HUGELY important if you're a creative business owner.

But Natalie's marketing efforts and her business had outgrown that platform, and it was time for the next level: Klaviyo.

Klaviyo was built for ecommerce, and it had the right amount of bells and whistles Natalie needed to help guide her and her decisions when marketing her business.

Plus: you can create pretty email templates. I'd call that a win-win.


We initially opted to approach Natalie's move to Klaviyo as a VIP Day but guess what- LIFE happened- for both of us, so we ended up splitting the VIP Day in two over the course of a month, and it all worked out.

Natalie breezed through the Homework Hub I set up in Notion, and then I got to work on setting up her Klaviyo account, integrating her Shopify store, and designing her shiny new email template.

I also designed a popup, and used that beautiful new template to design her Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment, Customer Thank You, and Bday Flows. Check out some of our email adventure below!


While Natalie managed to harness the available templates in her former email marketing platform to match her branding, they didn't have that sparkle of her positivity confetti, nor did the platform make it easy for her to link products from her Shopify website in an email campaign.


Natalie had a TON of digital assets to work with, which made designing her Klaviyo template and reusable sections that much more fun! It was the perfect matchup to help Natalie's personality, and her brand's voice + tone shine through in the template.

Klaviyo Email Template Design

Natalie's Project

• Klaviyo template design
• Template tutorial
• SMS Setup
• Welcome Series Flow design and setup
• Abandoned Cart Flow setup and design
• Browse Abandonment Flow setup and design
• Birthday Flow setup and design
• Customer Thank You Flow setup and design
•Tutorials covering all Flows
• 1 month of campaign ideas
• Customized Sending Strategy guide
• 30 days of support/campaign coaching and analysis
• Analytics tutorial
• Custom segments and tutorial
• List migration
• Deliverability watchdog for 30 days

Natalie had a lot of different lists/segments set up in Flodesk, so it took some time for us to figure out how best to streamline those contacts. Natalie has three different audiences, and by streamlining things a bit with Lists and Segments, this made sending a campaign much more straightforward.

I love that Natalie isn't afraid of sending promos and selling to her audience (after all, that's why they subscribe to emails and texts), but I mentioned that it's ok to soften a bit occasionally and open the door for her subscribers so they get a look into her work and life (at least, to the level she is comfortable with). People like to buy from people they like, know, and trust, right? It's ok to infuse a bit more "you" in your marketing. After all, most of what we creatives make could be purchased in a big-box store, right? They buy from business owners like us because they like, know, and trust us. <3

Part of Natalie's Scope of Work was a Sending Strategy and 1 month of campaigns. After reviewing the stats and topics of her last few campaigns, I recommended she infuse a little more "Natalie" into campaigns.

The Sending Strategy Guide served as a suggested framework for crafting her email marketing cadence and audiences. Having a sending strategy that doesn't send to her entire list will actually keep email deliverability healthy over time.


Over a 30 day period post-launch:

47% of revenue from Klaviyo
(52% from Flows and 48% from Campaigns)

SMS Welcome message earned $62.71 per recipient!

Customer Thank You Flow: $1.61 per recipient (which is designed not to even sell anything!)

Browse Abandonment Email

SMS Abandoned Cart

Happy Birthday Email

We celebrated the launch of Natalie's new emails by nerdin' out on Instagram Live- catch our quick chat here.

Natalie was thrilled with her new template, and the video tutorials walking her through all things Klaviyo (specific to her and her business) helped Natalie transition from Flodesk to Klaviyo with confidence.