Retainer: Here's How We Roll

While we'll be working together to build and launch your project. We'll be working a little differently than how I conduct projects with clients- instead of milestones and a scope of work as our guide, we'll be using time as our guide. Here's what you need to know about how this will work:


You'll be invited to your own private Retainer Hub in Taskade, and if I need content or preferences to design or set up anything we're working on, you might see a request from Content Snare- and you'll be provided tutorials walking you through getting set up and how to use each tool. 

Retainer Details

Your retainer is for a three-month timeframe, with an allocation of 5 hours each month. If requested work is close to exceeding the monthly allocated hours, I'll notify you in writing and will only proceed beyond the monthly allocated hours if you approve adding more time in writing. Once the overage occurs, it will be billed at $100/hour, and will be invoiced separately for any additional hours.

If the total hours for the month is under the monthly allocated hours, Holly will roll the extra time into the following month. The extra time will expire at the end of the month in which the extra time was rolled into.

Retainer check-in/renewals/non-renewals

We'll check in close to the end of the three-month retainer to see if we'd still like to continue working together, and adjusting hours/length of retainer based on goals, time, and budget. If you decide to end the retainer relationship at the end of the three-month timeframe, any hours rolled over from the previous month will expire at the end of the retainer relationship.

Turnaround time expectations

While working on any projects or tasks established during the retainer, I'm able to quickly complete the work if I have as much information up front- this can range from preferences, content including copy and photography, and I'll do my best to request what is specifically needed on your end, including any tutorials if needed. 

The majority of projects that end up delayed or paused are waiting on content or information from clients. This is why I request content and preferences are submitted first- once I have all the information I need, I can complete your project so much quicker!