3-month Retainer Package

Wanna keep this party going? Good news- we can do that with a 3-month retainer package. 

What can we do in a retainer?

All sorts of things! You can think of opting into a retainer package like you would think of a business playground, where we can work on things ranging from IN your business to ON your business. 

Here's some ideas:

  • Website updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tutorials
  • Optimization
  • Page design and development
  • App configurations
  • Strategy for website or email or marketing
  • Email automations
  • Email campaigns

How it works

  • I'll work with you to define a scope and budget for monthly retainers for 5 hours per month (but I'm flexible when it comes to using more or less hours during the three-month timeframe- if you have a launch planned in Month 2, we can use more than 5 hours in Month 1, and fewer in Month 2 or 3).
  • Together we'll create a list of things we'll work on and how you would like updates (weekly updates, monthly updates, Loom video updates, etc.).
  • Your hours are calculated in 15-minute increments.
  • Hours left over at the end of a month roll over into the next month (provided your retainer plan is active)
  • If you are getting close to going over your budgeted hours, we'll alert you and you can decide if you'd like to add more hours, pause work, or be billed at the end of the month (and you can even set a time limit so you don't have a surprise bill at the end of the month). 

Renewing, pausing, or canceling your retainer package


Toward the end of Month 3, we'll check in and see if you want to continue working together. If you're game, you'll purchase a new retainer package for the next three months, and we can continue this party together!

Pausing your retainer renewal

If you find that you need a break from your retainer toward the end of Month 3, but wish to continue working together in a few months, you can pause your retainer renewal for up to three months and lock in your pricing and hours budget. You can pause once per 12 months. If you cancel your retainer instead of renewing when it comes time to un-pause, you'll forfeit any rollover hours and pricing lock-ins will be forfeited.

Canceling your retainer

At the end of Month 3, you can also opt to cancel your retainer. At that time I'll wrap up the work we've done together and send any remaining deliverables. You can always enroll in a retainer package down the road, but hours, pricing, and availability may change.