Ugly Baby

Creative funnyperson Rosalie Gale wanted an email marketing platform that wasn't changing their interface constantly, and wanted it to match closer to the design we were implementing for her shiny new Shopify website.

In this email case study, you'll see the Ecommerce Arcade approach to designing a Klaviyo template and automations and more that was both pretty and practical. Without constant interface changes.

Rosalie Gale (owner of Ugly Baby AND Monster) had been using Mailchimp as her ESP (that's Email Service Provider for you non-nerds) for a long time. And she made it work...until it didn't work for her.

What did work was Rosalie's content within an email campaign. Truth be told, I've been an email subscriber of hers for a very long time. Every time I saw a new email from Ugly Baby, I opened and read it immediately.

You know why?

The emails were usually funny.

Rosalie would sometimes give her subscribers behind-the-scenes happenings of her life and business, and they were always entertaining.

It's also the reason I have at least five pieces of Shower Art affixed to a window in my studio.

Who says email is dead?

But like many folks, Mailchimp's "nickel and dimed" approach to features, and their seemingly constant "improvements" of their interface made Rosalie not want to send any more of those funny emails.

So she thought that by switching to Omnisend would help solve those problems.

We realized that was a mistake.

Many times I opt to bundle website and email services, as they tend to lend a hand to one another.

Initially, I thought that I would just stumble through using Omnisend to see if it could be another option for clients looking to uplevel their email and SMS marketing workflow.

But Omnisend's interface was not any better than Mailchimp (this could have changed by now), and I was worried that Omnisend didn't take into account the folks who had unsubscribed in Mailchimp...which could result in spam complaints.

Not something you want for anyone, let alone someone switching their ESP!

Enter Klaviyo. 

Klaviyo is a platform that was literally built for ecommerce, and their integration with Shopify makes you wonder if they really are BFFs (if platforms could form friendships). 

stepbrothers gif - "Did we just become best friends?" "Yep" *high fives one another*

Klaviyo and Shopify = BFFs

We opted to make the switch from Mailchimp to Klaviyo instead. 

In order to have a clean list of subscribers, we combed through all the lists from Mailchimp and carefully imported Rosalie's subscribers for Ugly Baby into her new Klaviyo account.

Once we got all the tricky list stuff out of the way, I crafted some custom letter bead illustrations, chalk unicorn illustrations, and other illustrations to add some color to Rosalie's Klaviyo template.

Custom illustration

Adding some letter bead illustrations as part of Rosalie's project scope was a no-brainer.

But Shower Art isn't the only thing Ugly Baby sells.

Rosalie's store at Pike Place Market is surprisingly tough to find. So Rosalie and team draw unicorns on the sidewalks around Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall to have folks follow the unicorns to their shop. Adding these illustrations gave us that "icing on the cake" vibe to her email designs.

Chalk unicorn illustration

Custom chalk unicorn illustration

Custom letter bead phrase illustration

Custom letter bead phrase illustration

Custom chalk unicorn illustration

Klaviyo Email Template Design

Ok, so now we have the template, the subscribers what?

This is where Klaviyo's automations come into play. I sent Rosalie some copywriting prompts after we brainstormed some topics for her Welcome Series.

She sent back her homework with (of course) hilarious copywriting.

We set up her Welcome Series with a dynamic coupon- meaning it's a different code for each recipient. This helps combat those coupon-scraping sites, andwe set the coupon to expire, andwe set a conditional split to send the coupon to folks who had not made a purchase since signing up for her newsletter.

Yes, Klaviyo does all that, all without getting you to upgrade to the next tier or anything.


Welcome Series

Email automation to new email subscribers in a weekly series

Abandoned Cart Flow

We also set up her Abandoned Cart automation, which has the ability to send two emails if the potential customer hasn't made the purchase.

Shopify's abandoned cart automated email can only send one email (plus it doesn't look as pretty).

Happy Birthday Flow

We set up a Birthday Flow, as that was something her current subscribers loved to get (Rosalie offers a generous discount ONLY for 24 hours on a subscriber's birthday), and we used a dynamic coupon code with expiration and excluded certain product lines that don't have the margin wiggle room.

Back in Stock Email

Popup Design

Unicorn Illustration in Template


With the power of humor and analytics, we were able to see better data on the engagement of Rosalie's automations.

Her Welcome Series nurtures new subscribers AND helps deliverability with creating ways her subscribers can engage with Ugly Baby.

Last year alone, her first Welcome Series email had 8.8% of recipients make a purchase.

Rosalie's Welcome Series has an average of a 4.5% click rate, which is excellent (2% click rate is a good rate).

During the holiday season last year, I opted to take over her email campaigns for both Ugly Baby and Monster (her other store in Ballard), and she experienced an increase in revenue that would not have happened without sending the campaigns.

I'm so fortunate to continue working with Rosalie on both her website and Klaviyo email strategy- once I'm more caught up on my portfolio, I'll share some of the fun email campaigns we've worked on together.