The Posh Olive

Margaret Edwards had managed to build a loyal customer base, all without sending a single email campaign!

In this Klaviyo email case study, you'll see the Ecommerce Arcade approach to guiding Margaret to harness the power of email marketing to her audience.

Margaret had managed to cultivate an incredibly loyal fanbase through her Facebook group, but she wanted to make sure she wouldn't have to rely on the platform to be able to connect with her customers. Adding Klaviyo to the scope of Margaret's Shopify website project was a no-brainer- it was the perfect one-two punch to allow Margaret to shine and connect with her audience.

Margaret had never sent an email campaign to her audience, and she didn't think she's ever signed up for an email marketing platform for her business. I was so excited to help her craft an email strategy, as email tends to have an incredible ROI

Project timing

Typically with projects that include both Klaviyo and a Shopify website, the website design is done first, and Klaviyo is done juuuust before the website launches. Then both are launched simultaneously. I set Margaret up with the copywriting prompts I created in my Notion Homework Hub, and while she said the copy prompts took the longest out of all the tasks on her end, she was really glad I had prompts to guide her along the way. Nothing is worse for inspiration than a dang blank page.

A subscriber surprise

Toward the end of our Shopify website project together, I discovered that Margaret had a Mailchimp account AND she had a decent amount of subscribers already! This was the best surprise ever. 


A strategic setup

A "warmup phase" is usually needed when switching platforms for email marketing- many clients I work with have a decent sender reputation, and that can quickly tank if the platform switch isn't handled strategically! Since Margaret had never sent any email campaigns, we didn't have to worry about "warming up" her audience when migrating her list from Mailchimp to Klaviyo.

With The Posh Olive's release schedule, it was tricky to set up the Welcome Series automation (aka Flows in Klaviyo) in a way that could not only work around when she was in between releases (and everything is sold out), and still encourage people to visit the website. In unique cases like Margaret's, using Klaviyo's dynamic product feeds (which are one of my favorite Klaviyo features) wasn't something to use often in Flows. Instead, we focused on educating subscribers about the release schedule, assuring them they're in the right place and will be the first to know when a new release happens.

Klaviyo Email template design

Margaret's Project

• Klaviyo template design
• Template tutorial
• Welcome Series Flow design and setup
• Abandoned Cart Flow setup and design
• Browse Abandonment Flow setup and design
• Customer Thank You Flow setup and design
•Tutorials covering all Flows
• Analytics tutorial
• Custom segments and tutorial
• List migration
• Deliverability watchdog for 30 days

"A pleasant surprise I experienced when working with Holly was [that] she is experienced and knows ALL the tips, tricks and workarounds....(well I wasn't really surprised). Other than being able to do so together in person, every bit of this process was soothing.

I don't know why I waited so long."

-Margaret Edwards

Abandoned Cart Flow

Welcome Series email

Browse Abandonment Flow

Post-Launch Update

• 66% of revenue attributed from email

• Browse Abandonment earned an average of $13.04 per recipient

• Customer Thank You Flow earned an average of $2.78 per recipient

•Welcome Series Flow earned an incredible $5.70 per recipient!!

Wanna see how Margaret's website turned out? Click the link below!