The Posh Olive

Founder Margaret Edwards, scent genius extraordinaire, was tired of being frustrated with her current site. She wanted to elevate her brand and look more legitimate, and, in her words, "Not look so kindergarten anymore."

In this Shopify website case study, you'll see the Ecommerce Arcade approach to designing and strategizing a website that was built for a maker and maven.

Margaret Edwards managed to build a brand, a loyal customer base, and a scent library of dizzying proportions. But she was using BigCartel for her website and fed up with its limited functionality.

Margaret saw me teaching during the Camp DHL (an event the folks who run Craftcation offered during the pandemic) event during the summer of 2021, booked a chat with me, and we immediately hit it off.

Margaret runs her business on a release schedule- she makes batches of products in a variety of scents, lists them for sale on her site, and she literally SELLS OUT of everything. Rinse and repeat, about every month.

This method works for Margaret, as she gets to determine which products will be produced for the next release, in addition to which of her proprietary scents she'll be using. It also helps her with what might be considered a foundational principle of her business: self care.

If you're not an entrepreneur, you might not understand that running a business can COMPLETELY take over your life- your brain, your body, your time, your energy- all of it... if you let it.

Savvy business owners at risk for burnout may have to continually work to keep the Business Beast at bay when it comes to their life. Margaret is one of these masters with her release schedule.

But her current website platform was not serving her well- when she was in between releases (as in, resting, planning, making, marketing the next release), her site didn't tell new site visitors very much about her products or her product release method.


The Posh Olive website before screen capture
BEFORE: The Posh Olive's Home Page during a release

Not to mention when she was in between releases, every single product was hidden or sold out, leaving a blank Home Page, which made it tough for new site visitors to engage with the brand.

So we had to strategize a way to be able to convey information about The Posh Olive in between releases- and without hiding the website behind a wall that would compel new folks to simply bounce.

Home Page design

Collection Page on mobile

We spent a lot of time on perfecting the website's navigation- initially I had the shopping categories a few rungs down on the ladder- but then realizing that Margaret doesn't release the same product types every time, we had to go a little more high-level. Margaret typically releases at least one product in bath, hair, and body categories, so that's the direction we went. The theme for her site included a nifty mega menu, so we went with a clean and simple treatment with images to help customers get to a product quickly.

We had to be strategic about where release info would live, with the goal being that Margaret would only have to make a very small handful of changes whenever informing customers when the next release was. Two of the main calls to action (CTAs) on her Home Page actually point to her mailing list to be notified when the next release is happening. We also included a page dedicated to her product release method, with a CTA to sign up for her mailing list.

"Holly is a breath of fresh air that brings experience in designing a beautiful website that is also very functional and automated.  I can work and not worry that customers are going to struggle with issues like mobile navigation, and menus. Holly has made sure of that."

-Margaret Edwards

About Page design

Product detail page

I sent Margaret a farewell care package at the end of the project, and it included coffee beans from one of my favorite local roasters, and an Ecommerce Arcade-exclusive Cup of Ambition. Get it?? 😜

Margaret was an absolute dream to work with. Check out her bonkers post-launch results below:

Post-Launch Update

I was thrilled to hear from Margaret after her website launch with her results:

Transparency alert! The results Margaret experienced are not typical- her product release schedule strategy is a big factor.

"On launch day, I made back the investment in the first 2 hours of sales. It was a huge success. Thank you Holly, without you I'd still be stuck in the 90's."

She also said, "The best thing about my new website is- it is a fresh updated modern design created by Holly with workflow automations that is easy to navigate."