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Creative maven Kelly Affleck had done the work of setting up her email list and allowing folks a way to subscribe. Only the email marketing platform she was using kept changing the interface, making it difficult to get the lay of the land.

In this email case study, you'll see the Ecommerce Arcade approach to designing a Klaviyo template and setting up automations that can help cultivate a new relationship with email subscribers.

Kelly Affleck had set up Mailchimp for her Squarespace website.

The problem: she never used it, and every time she tried, Mailchimp had moved everything around in their interface, making the act of just creating a newsletter, let alone sending a newsletter feel impossible.

Since I was already working with Kelly on migrating from Squarespace to Shopify, it seemed natural that email was also another thing to work on together. We made sure we had a Klaviyo migration and setup in her scope of work before kicking off her website project.

When I work with clients, I don't just design or just set up their thing. They get a customized tutorial walking them through how to use it.

And then I channel my inner "Mean Mom" vibes and assign them some tasks- one to review the tutorials, and another to try and adjust/modify the thing themselves.

It's for the best, really.

That's what was appealing to Kelly- once she knew how to do something, she was unstoppable. But when her life and business got busy, do you think she's got bandwidth to figure out some technical doohickey on her own?

Hell no.

Kelly is smart in knowing when she doesn't have bandwidth to spend a bunch of time figuring something out.

That's a page I should definitely take from her book...

Migrating from Mailchimp

Many clients who migrate from Mailchimp to Klaviyo usually have an automation running.

AN automation. As in one.

And that's because Mailchimp limited the number of automations based on your plan tier. I tried to check to see if they still did that, but their pricing is still not the easiest to understand.

I opted to take that page out of Kelly's book and not spend a bunch of time figuring it out. I'm a learning robot!

Klaviyo Email Template Design

Kelly's Project

• Klaviyo template design
• Template tutorial
• Welcome Series Flow design and setup
• Abandoned Cart Flow setup and design
• Browse Abandonment Flow setup and design
•Tutorials covering all Flows
• List migration

Migrating to Klaviyo meant that Kelly had the chance to tell new subscribers her story- from being a talented graphic designer to teaching kids of all ages how to develop creative skills. If you ever meet her, ask her opinion on little kids using scissors. It made me take a step back from Helicopterparentland, for which I am grateful.

We also set up ReCharge to give folks the option to get their sticker or craft kit fix on a monthly basis and created a page dedicated to explaining just how her Subscriptions work for the budget-conscious grandparent or wary parent.

Abandoned Cart Email

New Subscriber Welcome Email (1 of 7)

Browse Abandonment Email

Mockups of many mobile devices with Tomato Tomato Creative's website on the mobile devices

Kelly launched her site and Klaviyo Flows with confidence and support along the way. Kelly planned to send out a monthly campaign with a free coloring page, and she was able to do so by referencing her handy customized tutorials.

Kelly is pivoting her business at the moment- she has focused her time and efforts into creating a brick and mortar space to teach other folks (kids included) to be their best creative selves. I can't wait to visit once she reaches this next amazing milestone.